Desiigner Says He Spends $20,000 a Month on Uber

Desiigner is racking up a major Uber bill.

The “Panda” rapper claims that he spends a whopping $20,000 per month on Uber rides. Taking to Instagram Stories, he made the shocking revelation. “My business manager tellin’ me I got to chill out with the Ubers. I’m spending like $20,000 on them shits…a month!” he said. “We gotta chill. Stay in your lane.”

That breaks down to roughly $666 per day in travel. Desiigner must be taking a lot of trips to the studio as he works on his long-awaited debut album, which follows last year’s seven-track EP L.O.D.

During an interview with Billboard in May 2018, he revealed that the album would be titled Sidney, which is his real name. “This is only the beginning. This is the ending of Chapter 1,” he said. “I’m about to step into Chapter 2. I’m doing this, I’m dropping the EP then the big album. Every album is going to be a chapter for me.”

While he readies his album, he can be heard on Boombox Cartel and Dillon Francis’ collaboration “Drip,” as well as Casanova’s latest track “Matha.”