JAY-Z and Meek Mill

Meek Mill Launches Dream Chasers Records with Roc Nation

Meek Mill is making more boss moves.

The Philly rapper has launched his Dream Chasers Records in partnership with JAY-Z’s Roc Nation. He announced the deal during a press conference at Roc Nation headquarters in New York City on Tuesday (July 23), reports Billboard.

“Of course I had offers to do a lot of business with other people, but the relationship we’ve built from [Roc Nation] believing in me through my whole career, through my ups and downs and the morals they showed to me and my team when it wasn’t in their best interest to have showed it — I feel comfortable going through this right here at home,” said Meek. “We’re ready to work. We’re just starting the beginning of a new chapter, a new page.”

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@meekmill launches @DreamChasers Records, a joint venture label with #RocNation. @meekmill will serve as the President of Dream Chasers, where he will oversee the label and build a staff that will spearhead talent acquisition and development, label operations, creative strategy, marketing and legal, among other positions. “Creating a record label has always been the next step in my journey as a businessman and I appreciate Roc Nation and JAY-Z’s support on this new venture,” Mill said. “I want to take my experiences in the music industry, use them to find young, hungry talent and open doors for the next generation of artists.”

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Meek, who is managed by Roc Nation, will serve as president of Dream Chasers, overseeing the label and its staff. He hopes to sign artists who are looking to make a big impact, “not a social media success for the weekend or for the month.”

JAY-Z was also on hand to celebrate the joint venture, praising Meek for “his integrity, his honesty, and his sense of responsibility.” “Everything that he’s done leading up to this point, it showed that he can carry that weight for the next generation of people,” he added. “Everybody can sign some artists, make some money and brag about how hot they are for … [but] for us, we look at the big picture. For us, it’s way beyond signing hot artists and having a hot record.”

JAY-Z and Meek teamed up earlier this year to launch the REFORM Alliance. The organization’s goal is to shine a light on social and racial inequalities within the system and “give voice to the voiceless.”

Meek recently became a co-owner in sports-apparel retailer Lids and will lead the company’s creative strategy and release a limited-edition line of hats in August.

The sky is the limit for Meek, according to JAY-Z. “I know he can make music. We’ve seen that. We’ve heard the music,” said the Roc Nation boss. “I think he cannot only make music, he can make stars. Not only can he make stars, he can make film. He can do anything he wants.”