Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator Flirts with Funkmaster Flex During Hot 97 Freestyle

Tyler, the Creator paid his very first visit to Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97.

During the 90-minute sit-down, the two hugged it out and Tyler discussed his relationship with A$AP Rocky (“We were not friends…and it’s so crazy. That’s my fu**ing guy”) and his love for YG’s latest album 4REAL 4REAL, while offering the Compton rapper some advice (“Get weirder”).

At the end, Tyler dropped a freestyle right off the top during which he shouted out his incarcerated friend Rocky, referenced R. Kelly’s sexual assault case, and made several sexual innuendos that had Flex squirming in his seat.

“Free Rakim, Free Rakim / I might fly to Sweden to free him,” he began. “Braid my wig, A$AP tat on my rib / Switch with him, then I can f**k all the Sweden men that I wanna / Actually, I’m gonna.”

He continued, “Listen Flex, we just met, but I know it don’t seem like R. Kelly wet dreams / I always keep 16s, ni**a.”

He also boasted about his Converse deal, new crib in Bel-Air, and the success of his Golf Wang store. After saying he had to leave for a “lil’ date with this dude,” he continued to make Flex uncomfortable.

“Man, this weird as f**k / I keep flirtin’ with Flex and he ain’t tryna f**k / Now I’m confused, I’ma leave, I just think that he hate me / I thought I came here so he could date me / He talkin’ ’bout a freestyle / Uggh, ni**a, f**k rap / F**k that, I was tryna take him back and take off that hat and we could be like muah, muah, muah on the lips…” he continued before Flex yelled “Pause.”

Watch Tyler’s flirty freestyle below.