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A$AP Rocky Returns to the Stage at Real Street Festival

Welcome home, Rocky.

A$AP Rocky returned to the stage Sunday (Aug. 11) for the first time since being released from a Swedish jail. Following performances from Cardi B, Migos, Miguel, and Big Sean, the Harlem rapper capped off the second day of the first-ever Real Street Festival at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. with an explosive set.

Taking the stage in a crash test dummy ski mask and a Prada sweatshirt and pants, Rocky opened with “Praise the Lord (Da Shine)” and “Telephone Calls.” He then brought out Tyler, the Creator to perform their collaboration “Who Dat Boy” before addressing the crowd.

“I just want to say what I experienced was crazy,” said Rocky, who spent a month behind bars after being charged with assault over a Stockholm street brawl. “I’m so happy to be here right now, y’all don’t even understand. I’m so happy to be here right now. That was a scary, humbling experience, but I’m here right now.”

He continued, “People who ain’t even fuck with me felt sympathetic for my situation. People was praying for me. That uplifted me when my spirits was low. I can’t thank y’all enough. That was crazy. Thank you so much. Hip-hop never looked so strong together. We a big, strong community, man.”

In addition to bringing out Tyler, who also performed his IGOR hit “Earfquake,” A$AP Ferg and YG popped up as surprise guests during A$AP’s set.

Towards the end of the evening, Rocky asked the crowd for their continued prayers. A verdict in his trial is scheduled to be announced on Wednesday (Aug. 14).

“I know y’all was praying for me. I’ma need y’all to keep praying for me,” he said. “Hopefully, with God’s will, I’m not guilty and shit. I get the verdict on Wednesday, so I need y’all to keep praying for me. Hopefully we ain’t gotta go back to jail or nothing like that, nothing crazy.”

He also addressed the anti-Sweden sentiments from some of his fans. “I ain’t got nothing against Swedish people ’cause it was Swedish people rioting outside the police office,” he said. “They was protesting outside the jails. It was people in Sweden jails writing me. This is an unfortunate event and I’m just tryna stay blessed, man. I hope that I’m not guilty, so pray for your boy.”

Rocky was released from custody on Aug. 2 pending the verdict in his trial. He will not be required to return to Sweden for the verdict.