Dave East

Dave East Pays Tribute to Nipsey Hussle on Freestyle

The Marathon continues.

While overseas in London, Dave East paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle during a heartfelt freestyle for “Tim Westwood TV” on Capital XTRA. Wearing a Nipsey “God Will Rise” T-shirt, the Harlem rapper put on for the Crenshaw MC, who he called a brother.

He revealed that he and Nipsey were planning to release a mixtape together and that he turned to him for advice when he wanted to start a clothing line.

“I’ma listen to your raps forever / On the real / Fuck how they feel, Victory Lap was better,” he raps. “South Central ain’t never gonna feel the same / You got me scared ’cause it ain’t too many of us left.”

He ended with a prayer: “If I could ask God for something, just give me back my ni**as.”

Earlier this month, East dropped his Survival Pacc EP featuring a pair of tracks with Gunna and Max B. He is now readying his major-label debut album for release later this year.

Meanwhile, Puma has announced that its co-branded apparel collection with Hussle’s The Marathon Continues will launch on Sept. 5.

Watch Dave East rep Neighborhood Nip.