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6ix9ine Fears for Family's Safety as Trial Nears

  /  08.21.2019

6ix9ine is fearing for his life as his trial nears.

The 23-year-old rapper, who has been behind bars since November on federal racketeering charges, is expected to testify next month about the kidnapping and assault he claims he fell victim to in 2018.

Cops arrested a suspect in the case, Anthony Ellison, who pled not guilty and says Tekashi is lying. Ellison, a former member of Tekashi’s management team, allegedly has ties to the Nine Trey Bloods, the same gang Tekashi was affiliated with prior to his arrest.

According to TMZ, Tekashi will testify in open court against his alleged kidnappers including Ellison with the fear that it could make his family members targets of gang retaliation.

The ramifications for testifying could be serious. Sources tell TMZ that 6ix9ine is “crapping his pants over testifying” and fears for his own life as well as the safety of his mother and brother.

He has already spent thousands on security to protect his mom, but still feels that his loved ones are vulnerable if the Nine Trey Bloods want to seek revenge for snitching. As part of his plea deal, he’s required to cooperate with the feds and must testify unless Ellison and prosecutors strike an 11th-hour deal.

Tekashi was facing 47 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to nine federal charges, but his girlfriend Jade recently hinted that he could be released in as early as six months.

The rainbow-haired rapper has received backlash from some in the hip-hop community for snitching. Snoop Dogg and the late Nipsey Hussle have both made reference to his case. “Can’t name a fake ni**a that was not exposed,” raps Nipsey on Rick Ross’ “Rich Ni**a Lifestyle.” “How y’all ni**as so surprised that Tekashi told? / Ain’t a real street ni**a ‘less you got a code.”


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