Exclusive: T.I. Reveals His Top 5 Rappers

Who’s in T.I.’s top 5?

While promoting Netflix’s new hip-hop competition series “Rhythm + Flow,” the King of the South sat down with Rap-Up where he revealed his top 5 MCs. A pair of late legends, Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., made his list, along with JAY-Z and André 3000.

But it wasn’t an easy call. “I’m just thinking of all these other dope MCs that if I choose one, the rest of ’em get left out,” he said.

The fifth spot was a toss-up between Ice Cube and Lil Wayne. “I think that a lot of cats who are older than me may not place Wayne in there ’cause he was so young,” explained Tip. “They’re gonna reach back to Rakim. Anybody who was born from ’79 on up, we kinda grew up…We were the same age as Wayne. When he was 14, 15 in the Hot Boys, we was 16, 17 in the streets.”

Tip also took to Instagram to share his list of top 50 rappers, which has stirred debate on social media.