Cardi B

Cardi B Pulls Up on Nicki Minaj Fan

Cardi B is taking it to the streets.

Last night, the rapper confronted a Nicki Minaj fan in person in New York following a heated exchange on Twitter.

Cardi appeared to throw shade at her rival earlier in the evening, just hours after the release of Nicki’s “Tusa” collaboration with Colombian star Karol G. Cardi claimed that she was offered the song first but passed. “Cause I passed on it… now sip on that,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

“Stop trying and pick and pick and pick cause I ain’t going keep letting people play with me,” she added. “I been chillin let me chill in peace.”

Cardi B Tweet

Cardi B Tweet

One Twitter account responded to Cardi’s tweet, telling her, “don’t get beat up.” But she was quick to fire back. “By who?” she asked before revealing her location. “Cause I’m 46 and 8th ave in Ny in case somebody want to see me !”

Cardi B Tweet

A Nicki fan then showed up to the address and posted a video to prove it. “I’m standing right here. I’m standing right here,” they told her.

Cardi shared her own video in the same location, but claimed the fan was nowhere to be seen. “See, I’m still right here just in case somebody wanna see me. Stop. Now leave me alone,” she said, prompting the fan to respond: “Huh? Huh? I will see you, sweetie. I’m on the block, pull up. Skrt skrt, where you at?”

Cardi eventually confronted the Nicki fans out of her car window. “We’ll fight you,” said one, while the other backed down, saying he was just trolling: “It’s like you troll, I troll.” Cardi told him: “I’m not about trolling, I pull the fuck up.”

But the situation was quickly diffused. Before leaving, they exchanged air kisses. “Love you,” said Cardi sarcastically. The fan responded, “Love you.”