Cardi B

Watch Cardi B Spit a Fiery Freestyle

Cardi B is back on her BS.

As fans await her sophomore album, the Grammy-winning rapper is holding them over with a new freestyle. While standing in what appears to be a kitchen, Cardi cooked up a fiery flow, repping her BX roots and calling out the “bum bitches.”

“I be in a mansion and you be in my mentions,” she raps in the minute-long clip, which she shared on social media. “Right out the trenches to top of the charts / Lost friends on the way, this shit is breaking my heart.”

She continued: “What you spent on your whip / Bitch, I spent on my fit / You don’t let your man hit ’cause he been on my dick / I’m ’bout to follow him back and send him a pic of me holding my Grammy, rubbing my clit.”

“It’s just a little something till I finish up the album,” she said before adding, “Suck my dick!”

Cardi has been back in the studio working on the follow-up to her 2018 debut Invasion of Privacy. “My album is on my mind 24/7,” she told Billboard. “It’s practically all I’m focusing on.”

She plans to stay true to herself and not follow trends. “There’s certain music that I want to do, but I feel like, is people interested in that? I feel like things have changed,” she said. “But I cannot just go with what’s hot. I still gotta go with what I want to do. I just got out of that follow what’s hot and follow what you want to do.”

Watch Cardi do it for the ‘Gram.