Offset Responds to Cardi B Cheating Rumors

  /  03.29.2020

Offset is on the defense.

The Migos rapper is speaking out after being accused of cheating on Cardi B. The rumors surfaced following a livestream video of Offset playing a video game in his room on Saturday. At one point, his wife enters the room while he quickly reaches for his phone and tries to put it in his pocket. When he’s unable to do so, he ends up putting it under him. The couple exchange “I love yous” and she leaves the room before he brings it back out.

After the video went viral, Offset took to his Instagram Live to address the speculation. “I know y’all making something out of nothin’ out of that stream when I was playing the game and my girl came in the room and I grabbed the phone or whatever the hell y’all sayin’ I did,” he said.

He continued to defend himself while clapping back at those who suggested he was being unfaithful. “Come on with that. We got so much negativity energy out here in the air, sickness,” added Offset. “Don’t bring none of that negativity to my family, man. We chillin’, man. We ain’t in y’all way. Everything positive. We got investments and big moves coming. Y’all just making something out of nothin’. That ain’t ’bout nothin’. I don’t be doing no negative nothin’. It ain’t about nothin’. Folks dying everyday.”

Offset has faced infidelity accusations in the past. In late 2018, Cardi announced that she was breaking up with her husband, only to reunite the following year. In December 2019, an Instagram hack allegedly exposed a conversation between Offset and 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Jade, but Cardi was quick to defend her husband. “Everybody know he done some dumb shit. But come on now, ni**as ain’t dumb, ni**as ain’t crazy,” she said.

Watch Offset address the speculation below.


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