Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke Album and Documentary in the Works

A documentary on the late Pop Smoke is in the works.

In an interview with Complex, Pop Smoke’s manager Steven Victor shared plans for the project as well as a posthumous album. “I’m working really, really hard on this Pop Smoke album. And I’m working on a documentary for him, too. And his foundation,” he said.

In his final editorial interview, conducted two weeks before his tragic passing on Feb. 19, the 20-year-old MC shed light on the documentary, which centers on the Brooklyn drill scene and how he was unfairly targeted by police.

“I’m gonna put out a movie or a documentary. I’m gonna make that shit about me. Walk ’em through where I used to live, where I used to be at, and why they look at me the way they look,” he said. “I’m gonna show you why they don’t like that–what they don’t like. Let’s see if you have the same feedback that they have. Let’s see if you would want me to be banned and want me to not perform. I doubt you will. All this good music being recorded, and you want to put it on hold? You don’t want people to hear it?”

In March, 50 Cent announced plans to executive produce Pop Smoke’s posthumous album, while calling on big names like Drake, Post Malone, Roddy Ricch, and Chris Brown for help. Complex heard some of Pop’s unreleased material when they interviewed him and described the music as “R&B-leaning songs,” including one that samples Tamia’s “So Into You.”

“I got a love song coming out. I’ll be talking more to the ladies in 2020,” said Pop. “I gotta feed them, too. I don’t wanna make songs for ni**as all the time. There’s no money in that. You think I wanna go to the show and see a thousand ni**as? I might as well be in jail.”

Pop, who released his mixtape Meet the Woo 2 in February, was also working on a joint mixtape with Quavo called Huncho Woo at the time of his death. They had completed nine songs, but it’s unclear if the project will see the light of day.

Pop Smoke was shot and killed during a home invasion at a house in the Hollywood Hills. The investigation into his murder is ongoing.