Khia Drags Trina After She Turns Down 'Verzuz' Challenge

  /  05.12.2020

The saga continues.

Last week, Khia challenged Trina to a “Verzuz” battle before promptly getting shut down by the Diamond Princess, who told Khia to keep her name out of her mouth.

“I’m not stepping off my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me, and nobody that has not worked as hard as I’ve worked for anything,” said Trina during her “Trick & Trina Morning Show” on 99 JAMZ.

But Khia won’t go quietly. The Thug Misses is clapping back at Trina in what one fan called the “drag of the century.” Taking to social media, Khia delivered a nearly five-minute tirade against her nemesis.

“What are you having a hard time getting off of, the powder, the pussy lips, Trick’s dick that you rode in on?” she began. “You ain’t been shit, sour puss, and you ain’t had not nann hit, uh uh. So where is you getting all this throne and queen and crown shit from?”

Khia continued her read with more nasty name calling and low blows. “Bitch, you pawned all your diamonds a long time ago, ho. You don’t own nothing but HIV and the HIV medications ’cause that’s the only thing you ever had was dick and diseases up your ass, bitch.”

The “My Neck, My Back” hitmaker went on to call Trina other names including “da baddest basset hound,” “slinky neck bitch,” “floppin’ whore,” and “glow worm,” and even threatened to come for her friend and collaborator, Trick Daddy.

“My one hit outplayin’ all of your songs put together, bitch, and we all know that I have more than one hit,” she said before dissing Trina’s ex Lil Wayne. “The only numbers you runnin’ up on the charts is your body count and medical bills ’cause everybody you fucked, you know the life gets sucked out of ’em, just ask Weezy, need I say more? Look at him, bitch, look at you.”

Judge Khia ended her epic drag with a final ruling: “I’m sentencing you to fall off the face of the earth once and for all, ’cause bitch you been dead in that order.”

Trina has not responded to Khia’s latest comments, but she previously told her to stay in her lane. “Make sure you have enough records, make sure you’re on my level if you think you wanna go toe-to-toe with me ’cause you cannot,” she said. “I will not address you scumbags. You are beneath me and you will always be. Please make sure you understand that.”

Watch Khia’s rant in full below.


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