Tory Lanez and Spectacular

Tory Lanez and Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Feud Over Sample Clearance

Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular got into a heated exchange with Tory Lanez over a sampled song.

It all started when Tory responded to the news that 6ix9ine and Akon were collaborating on a sequel to “Locked Up,” much to the Canadian rapper-singer’s surprise.

“So what y’all telling me is …. Akon gave the #LockedUpRemix / SAMPLE to someone else !?!?? And not me?!???? …… I’m going back to bed man,” tweeted Tory.

After seeing his comment, Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular weighed in, claiming that Tory didn’t legally clear the sample of Pretty Ricky’s “Your Body” for “Yessirr” from his Chixtape 5 project.

“@torylanez you should just stole it like you did Grind On Me and Your Body,” Spectacular commented. “Why stop now ….. Just keeping it 2 Virgils.”

Lanez clapped back at the allegations, claiming he legally cleared the sample through Pretty Ricky’s publishing company. “STOLE WHAT ??!? Actually I BOUGHT the rights from whoever signed u and publishes your music … But I guess you weren’t apart of that conversation,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “go stare in someone eyes and rub on someone thighs and leave me outta this one …. goodnight my black brother.”

Spectacular continued to refute the claims, addressing Tory by his real name. “Look here Daystar,” he said. “Now you know that’s [cap]. How you going to buy masters from someone other than the masters owner. What type of business you’re doing. I let you sample our RECORDS. You didn’t ask us, you put it out without our permission. And we still let it ride. I could have snatch your song down like you did mines.”

He added, “After you did some bad business on a record that I paid you for 4 my single but hey I still love and support you. That’s what supporting each other is about black man.”

Tory took it one step further by sharing receipts of the sample clearance to The Shade Room. According to the documents, the song was legally cleared and the appropriate publishing companies were paid. However, it’s unclear if Spectacular received his publishing royalty. The report adds that Pleasure P was in the studio when the song was recorded and that the group’s members, Slick’em, Baby Blue, and Pleasure P, were going to be featured on “Yessirr.”

In addition to Pretty Ricky, Tory sampled several hits from the early 2000s for his Chixtape 5 project, including songs by Chris Brown, Ashanti, and Snoop Dogg.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 _____________________________________ #TSRExclusiveDetails: Now if you’ve been under a rock since last night, you may have missed when #Spectacular stepped into The Shade Room and pretty much called out #ToryLanez and accused him of stealing #PrettyRicky’s samples for their hit songs “Grind On Me,” and “Your Body.” _____________________________________ Tory quickly clapped back to let him know that he got his paperwork correct and obtained the music the right way and brought the rights from the publishers of the music before releasing it on his project. Spectacular then responded to let Tory know that he owns his masters. _____________________________________ We exclusively spoke to Tory and he provided us with the receipts to show that he got the clearance for the record and that Sony/ATV and the writers were paid. Tory most recently featured the sample of Pretty Ricky’s song “Your Body” on #Chixtape5 for his record “Yessir.” The receipts show that the record was cleared and breaks down who has what percentage of the sample. It was also revealed that–read more at (📸: @gettyimages)

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