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Cardi B Claps Back at Body Shamers Over Photoshop Claims

Cardi B is shutting down the body shamers.

The rapper fired back at her haters after a photo surfaced of her shopping at Target this week, claiming the photo was edited to make her look like a “square.” Taking to Instagram, she also addressed accusations that she was Photoshopping her own pictures.

In a video captioned “Leave my rolls alone,” Cardi showed off her curvy figure while wearing a two-piece Louis Vuitton bikini and carrying a matching tote.

“So now I gotta show y’all this motherfu**ing body,” she said as she strut for the camera on her balcony. “Now I know a bitch gained some weight. I had to make the thighs match the motherfu**ing ass.”

Cardi took aim at her critics for shaming her physique. “I know you bitches ain’t talkin’ when y’all shaped like seals. I know you n**as ain’t talkin’ when you y’all got sisters with bison backs. And y’all mothers is shaped like walruses,” she added.

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Leave my rolls alone

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“I know y’all ain’t body shaming me. Now I know I gained a little bit of weight and I’m actually holding it in,” she said before exhaling. “It doesn’t matter though. A bitch got lipo money.”

Cardi has been open about her weight issues. Following the birth of her daughter, she revealed that she got liposuction. Last year, she was forced to cancel a performance after experiencing complications from the surgery.

The rapper has been flaunting her summer-ready body on social media. She recently revealed a massive new floral tattoo, which wraps from her back to her thigh, and updated her 10-year-old peacock tattoo.

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Dimelo shawtyyyy …Mix that Louis wit Fashionnova.

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