6ix9ine Plans to Beef Up Security Once Off House Arrest

6ix9ine is getting ready to hit the streets again.

The “TROLLZ” rapper will be off house arrest in the less than three weeks and he’s taking precaution for his safety. According to TMZ, Tekashi plans to beef up security by hiring 22 former law enforcement officers. He will also be transported around town in five bulletproof SUV-like vehicles.

“He’ll be rolling ‘like Trump’ in that he’ll have a ton of armed guards around,” writes TMZ.

Per the advice of his lawyers, he has also temporarily deactivated his Instagram account ahead of his home confinement ending around Aug. 1. His legal team is concerned that he might mistakenly leak crucial info about his whereabouts once he’s off house arrest and they’ve recommended that he go dark until he figures out his next move.

Despite the heavy safety measures, he insists he has “no fear” and is looking forward to being off house arrest. “I have about 34 more days ’til house arrest is over, about 34 more days and the ankle monitor comes off and the king of New York is back on the street,” he told fans last month. “Picture the noise I’m gonna make when I’m outside.”

Tekashi was released to home confinement on April 2 and had to relocate after his address leaked on social media. He does not plan to leave his hometown of NYC, although some in his legal team feel he should reconsider.

He has been steadily releasing new music in the meantime. Last week, he dropped his Spanish single “YAYA,” which debuted at No. 99 on the Billboard Hot 100. Prior to that, he released “GOOBA” and “TROLLZ,” his chart-topping hit with Nicki Minaj.