Brittney Noell and Logic

Logic Celebrates Fatherhood in ‘DadBod’ Video

Before he heads into retirement, Logic gives fans one more video for “DadBod” off his final album No Pressure.

The proud dad celebrates fatherhood in the clip, which is comprised of personal footage. In the first few seconds, he announces that he’s retiring and moving to Montana before giving fans a rare peek into his life at home with his son and wife. He changes little Bobby’s diaper, takes a dip in the pool, and kisses his wife.

“I’m a dad, this my life / This the type of shit I write,” raps Logic. “‘Cause back in my day it was food stamps / And I love my wife like I am Chance.”

On Friday, Logic released his sixth and final album No Pressure and shared a tearful farewell with fans on Twitch.

“I thank you all. I love you all. I appreciate you all. I bid you farewell and as always, I’m obediently yours,” he said.