Snoop Dogg Says He's Featured on Kanye West's Dr. Dre-Produced Album

  /  07.30.2020

Kanye West is getting some help from the doctor.

Snoop Dogg has confirmed that Dr. Dre is executive producing Kanye’s upcoming album. Snoop, who took part in one of their recent studio sessions, revealed that he also collaborated for the project.

“Dr. Dre called me to the studio because Dr. Dre was producing Kanye’s album. I don’t know if y’all knew that or not,” Snoop revealed in an interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

It’s unclear if he is referring to Jesus Is King II or DONDA. However, it’s possible that the albums are one in the same.

Snoop said Dre convinced him to hop on the project. “When I get there, [Kanye] is there, he playing me his shit,” he recalled. “It’s sounding good. The ni**a mind sound like he right, he in the right spirit, he rapping this shit. The shit he saying is spiritual, it’s dope. And I tell him, ‘Ni**a, you back.'”

Despite their history, Snoop didn’t hesitate to collaborate with Ye at the request of Dre. “When your mentor asks of you, you don’t question that. That’s my trust with Dre,” he said.

While Snoop once clowned Kanye for his pro-Trump comments, it was all love when they hit the studio. “He was happy to see me, I was happy to see him, and it was a brotherhood,” he said. “It wasn’t about what we did in the past. It was about let’s move forward and try to get to where we at. When I sized him up and seen his mental and what he was on and what he was spitting, I was like, ‘He got his shit together.'”

Snoop had previously been asked to work with Ye, but passed on the collaboration. “It’s been times in the past where I’ve been asked to f**k with him and I was like, ‘I ain’t fu**in’ with him,'” he revealed. “This may have been the 13th or the 14th call and it was like, ‘You know what, I’ma go head and honor you cuz for you.'”

Last month, Snoop shared footage from his studio session with Kanye and Dre. “Kanye West got some hot music,” he whispered. “Dr. Dre touched it.”

Back in November, both Kanye and Dre announced that they were in the studio working on a Jesus Is King sequel. It now appears that the album may end up being DONDA.

The project was set to arrive last Friday, but there is no current release date. Kanye has been sharing the cover art and various tracklists on Twitter.


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