Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Allegations That She Abused Her Ex-Boyfriend

  /  09.15.2020

Megan Thee Stallion is setting the record straight.

After being accused of physically abusing her ex-boyfriend Karim York, the Houston hottie took to Instagram Live to clear her name.

“I feel like I gotta have a motherfu**in’ press conference every goddamn week,” Meg said while addressing her 60,000 viewers.

“I don’t like when people flat out tell lies,” she continued. “They antagonize me every day online, they pick with me every goddamn day. They’re always making up stories about me and now I really feel like I’m gonna have to start doing something about it. ‘Cause you bitches are really crazy.”

Meg was responding to claims from a blogger who said she was abusive towards her ex. “So, this lady says that I…whatever. It was this old situation with my ex. Remember when my mugshot popped up? And I told y’all that my ex-boyfriend beat my ass? So, this lady made up this whole fake ass story and you know I had to call the ni**a to get the motherfu**in facts.”

The mugshot Megan was referring to is from 2015, when she was arrested following a fight with her then-boyfriend. In February, Meg addressed the arrest and said that they got into a violent argument when she discovered that her ex was cheating on her and fathered a child with another woman. “It just so happened when I was ready to give it to him, the motherfu**in’ police pulled up when I’m punching,” she said.

During her livestream, she replayed a phone conversation with York, who can be heard saying that he is going to “clear it up” and that the abuse allegations are not about her.

“From that bullshit that you started, you know that was some ho ass lies, bye,” Meg told York.

She also shot down claims that she was on drugs. “Somebody just sent me a screenshot saying that you said I was on Xans the day I went to jail and you said I beat yo ass and I’m always beating yo ass,” said Megan.

York responded, “First of all, I am not talking about you,” before Meg clarified, “He’s not talking about me. He is in an argument with some other bitch.”

Meg made it clear that she won’t tolerate anyone spreading false information about her. “Stop lying on me. That ni**a not talking about me,” she added. “Stop puttin’ ni**as on me. Stop making stories up. F**k y’all, ’cause I’ma hit you with the facts every time you tell a lie.”


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