Brandy and Joe Budden

Brandy Says She Wouldn't Date Joe Budden

  /  09.16.2020

Does Joe Budden have a shot at love with Brandy?

While speaking with Ray J on an episode of his “Joe Budden Podcast” earlier this month, the rapper-podcast host shared his feelings for Brandy and even tried to shoot his shot with Ray J’s sister.

“I love Brandy,” said Joe. “I might need to pull up.”

Ray J confirmed that the B7 singer was single. “She needs a nice, good wholesome guy that’s gonna be honest,” he said.

But Joe will have to keep admiring from afar. When asked if she would be down to date the former Slaughterhouse MC, Brandy made it clear that she wasn’t looking for a relationship with one of Ray J’s friends.

“No, ’cause my brother’s homies are like my brothers, my friends. So no…” she told Power 106.

The interviewer then asked if she would let her homegirls date her brother, to which Brandy said no because Ray J was married at the time. However, just this week, he filed for divorce from Princess Love, his wife of four years.

Watch Brandy’s response below.

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