YFN Lucci

YFN Lucci Accidentally Fires Gun on Video Set

YFN Lucci caused a panic when he accidentally fired a gun on set of his music video.

The Atlanta rapper was filming his latest visual against a green screen when he was handed a semi-automatic weapon to use as a prop. However, the gun was an actual weapon loaded with bullets and not blanks. But Lucci didn’t realize that until he pulled the trigger.

In the video clip, obtained by TMZ, a female crew member appears to tell Lucci not to fire the weapon, but he does so anyway, sending the three other people around him scrambling and ducking for cover. Lucci acted surprised after shooting the gun and seemingly leaving a hole in the studio floor.

Afterwards, he acknowledges the crew member who told him not to fire the weapon. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that anyone was hurt based on the footage.

It’s unclear where the music video was being shot, but TMZ notes that there are strict rules about prop weapons in the entertainment industry and Lucci could potentially face a penalty.

After the video surfaced, Young Thug seemed to weigh in. “Put that gun down son,” he tweeted. Many took his tweet as a response to Lucci since the two have had issues in the past.