Sanitizing Box

Put Down the Bleach and Opt for This Chemical-Free Sanitizing Box

If you knew how many germs were on your cell phone, you’d likely douse the thing in bleach. But instead of opting for chemical-filled cleaning sprays and wipes, perhaps it’s time to turn to a safer sanitizing option that’s just as effective: UV light.

That’s where this SaniCharge Phone UV Sanitizer comes into play. Big enough to house your phone, jewelry, earbuds, and even baby toys, this box uses built-in UV light to sanitize your everyday items, killing any harmful viruses, bacteria, and more in mere minutes.

And as if that weren’t enough, the sanitizing box also charges your phone as it disinfects. It even features an aromatherapy function that harmlessly leaves your stuff smelling deliciously clean. Seriously, is there anything this thing can’t do? 

Get the SaniCharge Phone UV Sanitizer for just $37.99 down from nearly $100 bucks! 

Price subject to change.