Mulatto and Nicki Minaj

Mulatto Says Nicki Minaj Inspired Her to Become a Rapper

Mulatto is giving Nicki Minaj her flowers.

During her appearance on Fat Joe’s Instagram Live show, the Queen of Da Souf was asked who influenced her as an up-and-coming MC, and she didn’t hesitate to pay homage to the Queen.

Mulatto said she was eight years old in fourth or fifth grade when she was first introduced to Nicki. Her “animated” personality, including the Barbie theme and colorful hairstyles, inspired her to pursue a rap career.

“It was just so animated so it captivated me,” she said. “That’s what put the icing on the cake. That’s when I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I wanna rap. I wanna be like Nicki.'”

She even mimicked Nicki’s signature looks. “I cut my hair in a bang. I got a Barbie chain, all that.”

This is not the first time Mulatto has given Nicki props. In an interview with Elle last year, she revealed that Minaj was her dream collaboration and said her favorite Nicki song was “Dear Old Nicki.”

“My ultimate dream collab is Nicki Minaj,” she said. “I stood in line for Pink Friday, cut my hair in a bang, pink undertone, all that when Nicki came out. I’m a real Barb.”

After seeing the video, the Queen herself returned the love. “My baby Big Latto. Sending all that love right back. She’s dope,” Nicki tweeted in November.

An excited Mulatto celebrated the co-sign by rapping along to Nicki’s songs on Instagram Live. “I feel fulfilled. Imagine somebody you fu**in’ loved since a kid, somebody who got you doing what the f**k you do for a living, and they acknowledge you? That shit hit different!” she said.