Lil Baby and Lil Wayne

Lil Baby Declares Lil Wayne the Best Rapper of All Time

Lil Baby is giving Lil Wayne the crown.

Speaking with Complex, the Atlanta rapper declared the Young Money boss the “best rapper of all time.” When asked why, Baby had a simple explanation: “I don’t see nobody better than Lil Wayne, period.”

Baby himself was named Best Rapper Alive of 2020 by Complex, something he doesn’t take lightly. “I didn’t [always] want to be a rapper. But I’m rapping. So if I’m going to be a rapper, my whole thing was, I don’t want people to just f**k with me because I’m Lil Baby and I get money. I really wanted my music to be good,” he said.

While Baby may think Wayne is the G.O.A.T., Baby’s fans have also called him a G.O.A.T. “I never call myself a G.O.A.T., I leave that love to the people,” he raps on “Emotionally Scarred.”

Baby and Wayne previously teamed up on a pair of tracks, “I Do It” and “Forever.” “I loved his voice at first and it kinda reminded me of me when I was younger,” Weezy told XXL. “And then his melodies and stuff started getting at me. So that’s what it was. And then I started actually listening to what he’s saying and he talk about the struggle a lot and he’s talking about some real stuff.”

After an epic 2020, Baby is now debating whether he will drop a new album this year. “There’s give and take on both sides: keep dropping or waiting,” he said. “The only way I don’t drop an album in 2021 is if I drop a joint album, like a Drip Harder 2. Something like that.”

He also recently teased unreleased collaborations with Meek Mill and Drake, telling Billboard that he and the 6 God “got a lot of songs together.”

But there’s still one artist on his wish list of collaborators–Rihanna. “I ain’t never talked to Rihanna. But if I could pick anybody, that’s who it would be,” Baby revealed.