Big Sean Shows Off Ripped Body

  /  02.26.2021

Big Sean is making big gains.

The Detroit rapper has been hitting the gym hard over the past year. A shirtless Sean took to Instagram to show off the fruits of his labor, flexing his toned arms and six-pack abs. He achieved his ripped body with the help of his trainer, Jerry Ford. The 32-year-old also shared a picture of himself circa 2013 when he was much skinnier, a reminder to keep going.

“Had to start catching up to my potential…Last pic a reminder to myself to keep this shit up,” he captioned the slideshow.

In March of 2020, he opened up to Men’s Health about his exercise regimen, which included four weekly workouts consisting of boxing, weight training, and chains. “You have to make it a priority,” said Sean. “This is time to myself. That’s one thing I’ve realized I wasn’t getting enough of.”

For New Year’s 2019, he made a resolution to change his lifestyle and committed to it. “I wanted to boss up my life,” said Sean, who was once 125 pounds on the verge of depression. “I said, ‘I’m changing my life and making it a habit.’ ”

He traded late-night junk food for protein-rich meals and hired Ford to make sure he stayed accountable. In addition to his chiseled abs and ripped arms, he’s gained what he calls “confidence stamina” onstage. Plus, the interval cardio has even helped with his raps.

“I find myself not running out of breath,” revealed Sean. “I get to deliver words closer to how they sound, as opposed to spitting them out.”


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