Roddy Ricch Shades Kanye West for Disrespecting Grammys

  /  03.15.2021

Roddy Ricch is taking Kanye West to task for disrespecting the Grammys.

Fresh off his performance at Sunday’s show, “The Box” rapper went on Instagram Live where he seemingly called out the Yeezy mogul, who urinated on his Grammy in a now-viral video. While he didn’t mention Kanye by name, fans were quick to make the connection.

“I be really wanting to talk about a lot of the ni**as that’s in the industry, like, a lot of the Black artists, the older n**as who been doing all this shit for so long and they be hatin’ on all the young ni**as,” said Roddy, who was nominated for six Grammys this year.

“If I get nominated for six Grammys and a ni**a I look to that had 22, 23, 24, 25 of these motherfu**ers and I come in here…I wanna get nominated for six this year, I feel like that’s a good number.”

But he doesn’t tolerate the disrespect. “And this year this ni**a just pissed on that shit. Like, how you think that make the world look at my accomplishment, ni**a? I did all this shit and you pissin’ on shit. That shit be lame. I don’t really like that shit.”

Kanye won his 22nd Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for Jesus Is King at Sunday’s show. In spite of all his wins, he has publicly rebuked the Grammys in the past. Last September, he posted a video of himself urinating on his Grammy in the toilet.

Roddy, who won his first Grammy last year for “Racks in the Middle” with Nipsey Hussle, encouraged his fans to keep going in spite of others trying to diminish their accomplishments. “I feel like this a young ni**a world. Do what the f**k you wanna do. If you wanna go get a hundred Ms, a B, do that shit. Ni**a wanna make music, do that shit. Ni**a wanna build houses, do that shit. Ni**a wanna take over the world, do that shit. Don’t let none of these ni**as tell you nothing.”

While Roddy didn’t win in any of his categories, he wasn’t too upset over the loss. “They gon’ give the award to whoever they gon’ give the award to and that’s gon’ be what it is. It’s just an award at the end of the day,” he said.

He also took the Grammy stage to perform “The Box” and debut his new single “Heartless (Live From L.A.),” which was released to streaming services following his performance.


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