Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim

Nicki Minaj Responds to Potential Verzuz with Lil' Kim

  /  03.09.2022

Nicki Minaj is weighing a potential Verzuz with Lil’ Kim.

On Wednesday, Joe Budden released his highly-anticipated conversation with the “Do We Have a Problem?” rapper where he asked about the possibility of a matchup with her rap rival.

Earlier this year, Nicki said that she would entertain a Verzuz battle. “I do think there might be a female or two…” she told Houston’s 97.9 The Box.

Joe suggested that the only two females who could compete with her would be Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliott. “It’s just Kim and Missy, and maybe Lauryn [Hill],” he said.

Nicki remained coy about who she was referring to, but she did not rule out Lil’ Kim as a potential opponent. “I’m not saying anybody’s name,” she said.

When Joe told Nicki that she wanted to do Verzuz so she could “slaughter” the competition, Nicki said she doesn’t look at it as a battle. “No, because I approach those things as a rap fan, not as Nicki Minaj,” she said.

“I think there are a lot of…well, not a lot of,” she continued while Joe laughed.

Nicki views it more as a celebration instead of a competition. “It’s just about if somebody can play their joints and have people reminisce and go crazy… So yes, there are people.”

Joe insisted that Nicki and Kim make it happen. “It’s gotta happen,” he told her, to which Nicki just smiled.

Kim previously said that she would be down to battle Nicki in Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s matchup series.

Elsewhere in the Budden interview, Nicki acknowledged Kim for breaking boundaries and not getting her flowers, specifically when it comes to covering Vogue. Nicki believes she should have been featured on the cover of the fashion magazine, as well as Kim.

“The same way I feel I should have already been on the cover of American Vogue, so should Lil’ Kim, if we being all the way a thousand,” she said. “If this is what your magazine represents, influence.”

She continued to give Kim props. “When myself or Lil’ Kim goes on the internet, every day we see our influence. I’m not gonna say it’s about me only and not give that woman her just due about what she did.”

Watch the full interview below.


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