Ray J Claims Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Released 2007 Sex Tape

  /  05.04.2022

Ray J is making some bombshell confessions about his infamous 2007 sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

In a candid interview, the singer claims that the “leak” wasn’t an accident and was an orchestrated plan by Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, who partnered with him to release the explicit video.

“I’ve never leaked anything. I have never leaked a sex tape in my life. It has never been a leak,” Kim’s ex told the Daily Mail.

“It’s always been a deal and a partnership between Kris Jenner and Kim and me, and we’ve always been partners since the beginning of this thing,” he added.

Ray J, who dated the Skims mogul from 2003 to 2006, says he encouraged his ex to release the tape after seeing how Paris Hilton’s career skyrocketed when her sex tape with Rick Salomon leaked.

Ray J alleges that Kim got her mom to give the tape to Vivid Entertainment and he and Kim signed a contract for three tapes, but only one from their Cabo vacation was released publicly.

“Once I pitched the idea to her, just playing around a little bit, that’s when she jumped on the idea, talked to her mom and it was out of my hands from there,” he said.

He also claims that a second unreleased sex tape exists, but that Kim is the only one in possession of the video, which was made in Santa Barbara. “I never had a tape in my possession in our whole relationship,” said Ray J. “I never had a single one at my house – she had them at her house. She’s always had all the tapes in a Nike shoe box under her bed.”

Their relationship was back in the headlines last year after Ray J’s manager Wack 100 claimed that he was in possession of an unreleased tape. Kanye West privately met Ray J to collect the alleged material during a four-hour meeting at LAX. According to Ray J, the laptop contained “intimate photos and mini-videos” captured over the course of their four-year relationship.

On her Hulu reality series “The Kardashians,” Kim documented the emotional moment her estranged husband presented her with the hard drive, which she said contained “nothing sexual.”

In one of the episodes, Kim also joked about Ray J “sticking a dildo in my ass,” which infuriated him. He shared a series of messages between him and Kim in which he told her that the comment made him sound “like a rapist.”

“If you’re upset about the dildo comment it was clearly a sarcastic joke and I was laughing when I said it,” Kim told him in one DM.

Ray J believes the entire situation has made him look like a villain in the public eye and even led to suicidal thoughts, while the Kardashians “abused” his name and made “billions of dollars.”

“I felt suicidal because when you know something’s real and it’s true and you’re watching a whole family create an empire from a lie they’ve created, it’s heartbreaking and disrespectful to all the entertainers who have been honest and true to their craft,” he said.

But he wants the truth to come to light. “I can’t live the rest of my life in this lie. This morning, I woke up and said, you know what? For the remainder of my life, I’m going to live in my truth and not in the lie that’s been created by Kris Jenner and Kim,” he said. “I will not let them do this to me anymore.”


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