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The Game Responds to Critics Who Say He Fell Off

  /  08.26.2022

Rap is not just a young man’s sport, just ask The Game.

The Compton MC has been rapping for over 20 years, and he doesn’t plan on stopping. During an interview with the “No Jumper” podcast, the 42-year-old embraced his age while dismissing those who feel he’s too old to rap.

“It never bothers me when somebody say you getting old or you fell off. That shit is goofy as f**k. Like all my albums No. 1, this one about to come out and go No. 1,” he said of his 11th studio album Drillmatic.

Ageism has been rampant in hip-hop, but Game wants to change that. “The idea of growing old is something that needs to be pushed in this new generation ’cause they don’t really give a f**k about it,” he continued. “They don’t give a f**k about being old. I give a f**k. I want to be an old ass man.”

Game says he looks forward to growing old and becoming a grandparent. “It makes you feel good though to even think about that ’cause to think that my son [Harlem], the baby from my first album, is 40 years old. If I go to this ni**a’s 40th birthday, I might be more lit than him.”

He also responded to those who say he fell off. “That shit don’t ever f**k with me ’cause you gotta understand where it’s coming from. You got somebody at the bottom of their grandparents’ house in the comments saying you fell off. Like who the f**k are you? To be able to hate on my music or my career, you gotta be zoomed the f**k in and you gotta be listening.”

As for the trolls hating in the comments, Game could care less. “You can do what you want on my page and on my socials. I don’t really give a f**k. It’s thug life.”

Game is only getting better with age. Earlier this month, he released what he considers his best album to date, Drillmatic – Heart vs. Mind, which is expected to debut in the top 10 on the Billboard 200.


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