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Irv Gotti Reveals Why He Keeps Talking About Ashanti

  /  08.29.2022

Irv Gotti can’t seem to get Ashanti’s name out of his mouth.

The Murder Inc. boss has been outspoken about his relationship with the singer while promoting his BET documentary, “The Murder Inc. Story.” But he has received backlash for sharing intimate details about their secret romance.

Amid the controversy, he was asked why he keeps bringing her up in interviews, explaining that Ashanti is an essential part of the Murder Inc. story.

“I got paid to do a documentary on my life and on Murder Inc.,” he told The Shade Room at Sunday’s VMAs. “If I didn’t talk about Ashanti, you would’ve been like, ‘What type of bullshit is that he didn’t speak about [Ashanti]? She’s too important to Murder Inc. and his life.'”

But he balked at claims that he is still in love with her and can’t get over her. “I wish Ashanti nothing but the best,” he said. “I’m not hooked on Ashanti… That’s none of that.”

He also accused the outlet of trying to “Me Too” him. “I read the comments,” he said. “Stop it, Shade Room. Y’all the shadiest motherfu**ers.”

In an interview with “Drink Champs,” Gotti claimed that he and Ashanti were in a relationship “every day for like two years” and that he came up with her hit “Happy” after they slept together.

However, Gotti doesn’t plan to bring up Ashanti’s name from here on out. In a comment on The Shade Room, he explained that was just telling the truth and was “slandered” for it.

“It’s gonna be NO COMMENT from here on end. Hahah. But I felt like at least trying to make y’all understand. Moving forward. It will be limited interviews and about of no comments. I tell the truth cause I want the People to know the real. But honestly. Y’all don’t give a fuk about the truth,” he wrote.

“Y’all gonna say and do whatever y’all want. So why keep giving y’all the real. It’s better to be like everyone else. Lie to y’all. Alter the truth. Or don’t say sh*t to y’all and keep you in the dark. Hahaha. I got slandered for telling y’all the absolute truth. Lol.”

Ashanti has not responded publicly to any of Gotti’s comments. He says that the producers of his documentary reached out to her several times, but she refused to participate.


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