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Cardi B Shuts Down Troll Who Insults Her Looks

  /  12.02.2022

If you’re going to come for Cardi B, be prepared for her clapback.

After taking some time away from social media following Takeoff’s death, the rapper is getting back to her old self. On Thursday, she shared a video flaunting her curvy physique while strutting up and down the hall of her house.

The tweet had over 100,000 likes, but Cardi locked in on one troll who hurled an insult at her, writing, “I’d rather f**k a leaf blower.”

Cardi responded by posting the man’s profile pic and putting him in his place. “Now who the f**k said you can f**k me or any bitch ? You got no choice but to f**k your pillow,” she shot back before the person deleted their account.

A fan asked Cardi why she would even acknowledge the person, suggesting she ignore them next time. “Cause of the AUDACITY that’s why,” she explained before sharing a photo of herself with Offset while celebrating her beauty.

“Baby I’m built and look the f**k GOOD,” she said. “Female celebrities and yall favorite IG girls in my dms wanting to go to my doctor and I put that on my kids that is a FACT.”

Cardi B

Just this week, Cardi revealed that she underwent surgery in the Dominican Republic to achieve her head-turning look. “I finally got my body right,” she told “The Breakfast Club.” “I just did a little trip to DR. They do the best job.”

Another troll came in to tell Cardi that “plenty of women have better bodies and are better looking than u.”

Cardi didn’t hesitate to also shut them down. “Yea and your wife or your mom ain’t one of them soooo,” she said.

Cardi B

Offset is not complaining when it comes to his wife’s looks. Cardi shared a text exchange with her husband who told her, “U bad asf I love when u show it off.” She replied, “Thanks daddy.”

Cardi plans to stay in shape by hitting the gym, revealing that today was her first day working out. “I’m kinda nervous,” she admitted.


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