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Bhad Bhabie Involved in Car Accident: 'I'm Beyond Devastated'

  /  01.28.2023

Bhad Bhabie is thankful to be alive after getting into her first car accident.

The “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper was driving with her friend Tilan when they hit a divider head on. In an Instagram Story, she shared photos of her “totaled” Bentley, which sustained damage to the front and passenger side, and said that Tilan could have died if it wasn’t for the car’s weight.

“I’m beyond devastated… my first car totaled and over with,” said the OnlyFans star. “If the car wasn’t so heavy tilan would probably b dead.”

She is still recovering from the incident. “This was my first car accident I’m still shook up and don’t even wanna get in a car ever again,” she said. “This experience sure showed me who really give af and who don’t! Thank god I wasn’t driving be I wouldn’t have knew what tf to do.”

Tilan, who was driving, detailed the accident on her Instagram Story, while responding to those who claimed it was just a “fender bender.”

“Thank God her car was able to take a hit like that. The impact was so hard all the airbags deployed!” she said, while defending her friend against the trolls.

“It shows no matter what the situation is y’all drag my friend for anything but let this have turned out way worse y’all would be under the same post saying rip!”

Bhad Bhabie was once again reminded that the internet is not a kind place and removed her post. “First of all I delete all my post all the time y’all just looking for a reason,” she said. “But anyways my bad forgot I need to keep y’all out my business bc every thing I tell y’all is just a gateway for y’all to drag me. Shit is weird !!!”


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