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Chris Brown Hits Back After Anti-Semitic Accusations: "I'm a Piru, I Ain’t Muslim Or Jewish"

  /  11.27.2023

Chris Brown recently responded to criticisms from Jewish wellness influencer Tanya Zuckerbrot, who condemned him for apparently finding humor in Kanye West’s contentious lyric.

Zuckerbrot shared a clip of Brown enjoying West’s latest song, “Vultures,” on her social media account. The caption read, “What’s more sickening? The lyrics ‘How can I be anti-Semitic? I just f**ked a Jewish b**ch’? Or the fact that both Kanye West and [Chris Brown] find it hysterical? Sick, masochistic, anti-Semitic f**ks.”

Brown countered her claims on his Instagram Story. He wrote, “Let me make this perfectly clear before y’all try to use me as a pawn… I’m a Piru. I ain’t Muslim or Jewish, so don’t start no s**t, [and it] won’t be no s**t! I’m trying to be peaceful, but please do not wake up the demon in me! Go on about your f**king day.” 

He later revised his message, removing any reference to religious affiliation or his association with Piru, a Bloods subset. In his updated post, Brown emphasized, “In no way, shape or form am I anti-Semitic! I’m pro-life, and I make music for the entire world! So, please do not get tricked into thinking I spread hate or am [cool] with it! This is for the millions of young kids that look up and [may] be confused.”

The controversy arose days after Brown attended a party with West in Dubai. Notably, the Chicago rapper faced a similar backlash in 2022. He said he would go “death con three on Jewish people” during a Twitter rant. Elsewhere, the Yeezy designer praised Hitler during Alex Jones’ “Infowars.” 

Meanwhile, Brown has previously addressed his gang affiliations. In a 2014 interview with Sway Calloway, he said, “When you’re in L.A., and you’re around people, you meet everybody — you meet Crips, you meet Bloods, especially in this industry that I’m in… I’m cordial.”


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