Akbar V + Cardi B

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Fans React To Akbar V Seemingly Dissing Cardi B

  /  12.16.2023

Friday (Dec. 15) night, Akbar V jumped on Instagram Live to troll her long-time nemesis, Cardi B, after her emotional Instagram Live, where she detailed her issues with her ex-partner and musical artist Offset.

During the vulnerable clip, the “Bongos” rapper emphatically stated, “He like to play games with me because he knows I’m not an easy girl. He knows, yesterday, I could’ve been out… You been f**king feeling yourself, you b**ch a** n**ga ’cause of your b**ch a** album and s**t, and you really been doing me dirty after so many f**king years.”

After a series of spats on social media with Cardi and Offset over the years, this time Akbar indirectly sent shots at the prolific emcee. In her own rendition of a popular Mary J. Blige song, the Atlanta-based reality television actress sang, “I’m not gonna cry, no not this time, ’cause that n**ga been gone for some years.” She continued to pile it on by saying, “You was his lover and his secretary, you helped him push those album sales.”

Many fans felt the move was classless or unnecessary, while some felt that there were no rules during beef. One commenter said, “Cardi leaked her sex tape and talked about her deceased folks. This is light compared to that.” While another stated, “The difference is one is a married, signed artist with a major record deal. The other has five baby daddies, no deal, begging to be Nicki [Minaj]‘s lap dog.”

One person shared, “It’s not going to make Nicki like you more.” Shortly after, someone seemingly condemned the antics, claiming, “This is corny [as f**k], and you know these people gon’ tie this to Nicki. However, Cardi did talk about her dead people and lost her sex tape.”

On Friday, Cardi made it clear she was not in the mood to play with anyone. In a declaratory tweet, she said, “I’m really 100… today is not the day.”


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