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12 Rappers You Didn't Know Were Aquarius

  /  01.26.2024

Aquarius season began on Jan. 20. Symbolized by water waves, it often aligns with top-notch creative flow, a characteristic evident in many rappers. However, Aquarians are also perceived as emotionally distant, temperamental, and uncompromising — insert notable names like XXXTENTACION and Kid Cudi.

Take Megan Thee Stallion, for example, who was born on Feb. 15. She exemplifies the sign’s independent streak. Her lyrics often promote female empowerment and self-sufficiency, which resonate with the Aquarian trait of autonomy. Meanwhile, Hip Hop favorites like Babyface Ray and YFN Lucci boast the zodiac’s resilience attribute. Having gone from rags to riches, they carved out a lane of their own.

Beyond the aforementioned names, artists like Gucci Mane, Blueface, and Logic were also born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18. Below, we compiled a list of 12 rappers who are Aquarius. Check them out.

1. Megan Thee Stallion

Born on Feb. 15, 1995, Megan Thee Stallion embodies Aquarius’ traits of independence and innovation. Her approach to music and public persona highlights the sign’s value of authenticity and breaking societal norms. The Houston native isn’t afraid to boast about it, either. On 2020’s “Hit My Phone,” she rapped, “I don’t know if it’s us Aquarius’/ That just like to have fun and ain’t scared to f**k.”

2. J. Cole

J. Cole’s Aquarius sign shines through in his introspective and thought-provoking music. Often praised for his intellectual depth and commitment to addressing social issues, the “January 28th” hitmaker embodies the Aquarian traits of humanitarianism and a desire for meaningful change. On 2014’s “Apparently,” the North Carolina native inevitably referenced the zodiac’s trait of enjoying self-time: “F**k you ’cause there, there is no right or wrong, only a song/I like to write alone, be in my zone.”


Being independent is an Aquarius trait embraced by many artists on this list, including XXXTENTACION. Born Jan. 23, 1998, all of the late rapper’s projects were distributed through his own company, Bad Vibes Forever, with the help of EMPIRE. The “F**k Love” hitmaker’s approach, along with his impact on the youth and conversation around mental health in the music industry, aligned with the progressive and impactful nature often associated with Aquarians.

4. Rick Ross

Whether it be on the music side or his various ventures with Luc Belaire and Wing Stop, Rick Ross has shown us entrepreneurial spirit and artistic creativity throughout his career. His ability to build a music empire, MMG, and mentor other artists — namely Meek Mill and Wale — demonstrates leadership and vision. These qualities, together with his unmistakable branding, resonate with the forward-thinking and influential characteristics often seen in the zodiac sign.

5. Kid Cudi

Born on Jan. 30, 1984, Kid Cudi is no short of a musical genius, as evidenced by projects like Man on The Moon: The End of Day and 2024’s INSANO. The Cleveland native’s openness about personal struggles and mental health reflects the Aquarian traits of authenticity and progressiveness. Notably, Cudi’s approach to music and life is characterized by honesty, innovation, and emotional expression.

6. Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane’s career mirrors his Aquarian trait of being a visionary, especially evident in his role in pioneering the trap music genre. After overcoming personal and legal challenges such as being sent to prison, he reinvented himself upon release in 2016, a nod to the sign’s quality of adaptability. Additionally, the Atlanta rapper’s influence extends beyond music, as seen in his efforts to mentor younger artists through 1017 Records. His label housed acts like Big Scarr, Enchanting, and Pooh Shiesty.

7. Joey Badass

Born Jan.  20, 1995, Joey Badass’ music and public persona boast the Aquarian values of authenticity and intellectualism. His 2017 album, All-Amerikkkan Badass, delved into complex social themes like fame and mass incarceration, reflecting the depth and social awareness typical of the sign. Even in the face of commercial pressures like acting in “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” his commitment to artistic integrity and ImpactMENtorship initiative underscored his independent spirit.

8. Blueface

Blueface’s rapid rise to fame, marked by hits like “Thotiana,” aligns with the Aquarian trait of originality. The LA artist’s unique, off-beat flow and ability to create viral moments — whether it be taking shots at Soulja Boy or boxing other celebrities — demonstrate an innovative and trendsetting attitude. 

9. Babyface Ray

Born on Feb. 7, 1991, Babyface Ray exemplifies the Aquarius trait of forging his own path. Growing up in Detroit’s sometimes harsh conditions, the “Ron Arrest” hitmaker often delves into stories of personal experiences and the nuances of street life, displaying the quality of authenticity and deep reflection. His rise to prominence without conforming to mainstream expectations reflects the sign’s values of individuality and innovation. It was amplified through his 2021 album Unf**kwitable, which boasted hits like “Gallery Dept” and “A Million Cash Race.”

10. YFN Lucci

Marked by hits like “Key to the Streets” and “7.62,” YFN Lucci’s journey in Hip Hop blends creativity with an introspective look into life’s struggles and triumphs. His ability to connect with fans through a narrative of resilience mirrors the depth and communicative strength of Aquarius. Despite facing personal and legal challenges following a drive-by shooting in 2021, his persistence in the industry underlines the determination characteristic of his zodiac sign.

11. Logic

Another artist who takes the cake for thoughtful lyricism and storytelling, Logic was born on Jan. 22, 1990. Albums like 2014’s Under Pressure and 2017’s Everybody dive headfirst into more personal and societal subjects. The rapper even has a song dedicated to his sign, “Aquarius III.” Elsewhere, Logic’s unexpected retirement and comeback in the music scene highlight the unpredictable, independent streak often seen in Aquarians.

12. Lil Mosey

Lil Mosey was born on Jan. 25, 2002, and much like his Gen Z peers in the same bracket, his music is a testament to the Aquarian qualities of innovation and trendsetting. His breakout hit “Blueberry Faygo” not only put his ability to produce catchy, chart-topping tracks on full display, but also pointed out the Washington artist’s knack for understanding and tapping into current trends. Songs like “Flu Game” and “VER” underscore his progressive and forward-thinking.


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