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9 Rappers Who Are Pisces: Tyler, The Creator; Jack Harlow And More

  /  02.29.2024

Pisces occupies the final position in the zodiac and is often associated with empathy, intuition, creativity and emotion, among other themes. The water sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, which symbolizes the constant balance between fantasy and reality. When it comes to music, Pisces rappers leverage these characteristics to push the boundaries of Hip Hop. 

The genre’s roots in storytelling and social commentary provide an ideal platform for water signs to articulate their thoughts and feelings. For example, take Tyler, the Creator, who explored identity, acceptance and personal growth in much of his early works — themes that mirror the introspective nature of Pisces. Meanwhile, Jack Harlow and Lil Dicky are just two of the charismatic artists who align with the zodiac’s highly creative and imaginative traits.

Below, Rap-Up compiled a list of nine Pisces rappers who perfectly embody the zodiac’s hallmark characteristics. Check them out below.

1. Tyler, the Creator

Born on March 6, 1991, Tyler, the Creator reinvents Hip Hop with each project. His evolution from the edgier Goblin to the Grammy-winning IGOR demonstrates a fearless exploration of self and sound, both of which are characteristic of a Pisces’ quest for emotional and creative depth. Between his music and fashion label, GOLF le FLEUR*, Tyler’s work is a canvas for his introspective musings and imagination. The rapper sticks to the water sign’s traits — staying true to himself despite how much backlash or controversy comes with it.

2. Jack Harlow

Since his breakthrough, “WHATS POPPIN,” Harlow has made it known that he isn’t your average rapper. Born on March 13, 1998, he stands close to the edge between Pisces and Aries, bringing the best of both worlds. He’s got the deep thinking and emotional vibe of the water sign with the go-getter energy of the fire sign. 2020’s Thats What They All Say spoke about life in the spotlight, the ups and downs of relationships, and growing up. Meanwhile, 2023’s Jackman. introduced fans to a more secluded side of the rapper, especially with standout cuts like “Denver” and “They Don’t Love It.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Harlow is quite aware of his zodiac. In 2020, he tweeted, “Ladies, can [you] tell I’m a Pisces?”

3. YG

Throughout the years, YG firmly established himself as a pillar of West Coast Hip Hop. His debut album, My Krazy Life, catapulted him into the spotlight while offering a vivid portrayal of life on the streets with a rawness and authenticity that few can match. Topics like the realities of loyalty, love and survival reflected a nuanced understanding of his environment, which aligns with the Pisces’ capacity for deep emotional resonance. 

“She bumpin’, she playin’ with the powder / I’m a water sign, I like to hit it in the shower,” YG rapped on “Thumpin.” Elsewhere, on Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s “DO IT,” the Compton rapper spat, “That p**sy wet, you would’ve sworn I were in a water line / The h**s love me ’cause I’m a water sign.”

4. Luh Tyler

Tallahassee, Florida native Luh Tyler was only 17 years old at the time when he landed XXL’s Freshman Class of 2023. Born on Feb. 20, 2006, the rapper is best known for songs like “Law & Order Pt. 2,” “Back Flippin’” and “Jayda Wayda,” which he dedicated to its namesake. He embodies the easygoing and adaptive nature of Pisces, even if he does it indirectly. Luh Tyler’s breezy, intuitive takes serve as a welcoming addition to Florida’s rap scene but also mirror the Piscean affinity for fluid creativity and emotional expression.

5. Lil Keed

Before his tragic passing in 2022, Lil Keed was one of Atlanta’s most promising talents. Born on March 16, 1998, the “Nameless” hitmaker delivered melodic hooks and sharp lyrics across albums like Long Live Mexico and Trapped on Cleveland 3. Through his music, Lil Keed was an example of the artistic and intuitive spirit of Pisces. He made waves with his originality and heartfelt expressions in a world that often shies away from vulnerability.

6. Rob49

Hailing from New Orleans, Rob49 brings the true spirit of Pisces into the rap game. Following in the footsteps of NOLA legend Lil Wayne, Rob49’s music tells deep stories of struggle, survival and the streets, all with a raw honesty that hits home. Especially on tracks like “Vulture Island V2” and “Mama,” the artist has a unique way of mixing real-life grit with a kind of soul-searching that makes you think and feel deeply — a real hallmark of Pisces.

On “Let Me Know,” Rob49 spat, “I’m a Pisces, so I peep all that lil’ f**k s**t n**gas doin’/ Poppin’ s**t like GloRilla, sauced up, lookin’ like a nugget.”

7. Earl Sweatshirt

If there’s one lyricist known for his introspective and often existential lyrics, it’s Earl Sweatshirt. Born on Feb. 24, 1994, he perfectly encapsulates the Piscean trait of deep, reflective thought. Songs such as “EL TORO COMBO MEAL” and “Ontheway!” showcase the Chicago-born rapper’s knack for exploring themes of identity, mental health and the search for meaning, all of which resonate with the compassionate nature of Pisces.

“Mami Wata, shawty blew the fish out / Piscean just like my father, still got bones to pick out,” Earl rapped on The Alchemist-produced “MTOMB” from FEET OF CLAY.

8. Kash Doll

Although not the only Pisces female rapper, Kash Doll brings the water sign’s intuitive and artistic traits to Hip Hop with unwavering confidence. Born on March 14, 1992 and raised in Detroit, the “For Everybody” hitmaker carved out a space among the current wave of female rappers with her sharp storytelling and an unapologetic sense of self. Tracks like “Ice Me Out” proved that she has no problem putting out empowering anthems, while her journey from struggling waitress to celebrated artist mirrored Piscean resilience and adaptability.

When asked about her zodiac sign, Kash Doll told Uproxx, “We’re very sensitive… Got to protect that by any means necessary. I [have] been through the hard part of my career already while in Detroit.”

9. Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky was born on March 15, 1988. The “Freaky Friday” rapper embodies the Pisces spirit of creativity and adaptability in an industry often marked by conformity. With a background in acting, he plays the titular character in the sitcom “Dave,” and in rap, his approach to music is as unconventional as it is innovative. Lil Dicky uses humor and sharp wit to explore themes ranging from environmental consciousness in “Earth” to the absurdities of fame and fortune. His Piscean ability to adapt and flow with the currents of the industry notably highlights a deep understanding of both his art and audience.


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