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Cardi B Reveals She Lost A Veneer While Eating A "Hard A**" Bagel

  /  03.13.2024

Cardi B is currently in the middle of promoting her upcoming single, “Miami (Enough),” which drops this Friday (March 15). On Tuesday (March 12), the New York native shared a personal moment with fans by revealing she lost one of her veneers.

In a TikTok video, Cardi teased her followers with a “Wait ‘til the end for a surprise” caption. Toward the end of the clip, she gave viewers a close look at the noticeable gap in her smile. In a mock country accent, she said, “How y’all doing motherf**kers?”

“The end of the video is the reason I’ll forever love her,” read one comment underneath the post. Another user wrote, “This is why I love her! She is so real, being herself.” Elsewhere, a person shared, “I love you and the Amanda Bynes laugh reference.”

Cardi revealed the cause of the dental mishap via her Instagram broadcast channel. “Why [did] one of [my] veneers come out [while] chewing on a hard a** bagel?” she asked.


Watch till the end

♬ Enough (Miami) – Cardi B

Earlier this week, the artist mobilized her fanbase after Instagram reportedly shadowbanned the artwork of “Miami (Enough).” Taking to her Story, Cardi explained, “My cover is censored due to nudity, so if you could share it, I’d appreciate it. Thank you so much for all the love.”

The song’s racy cover image showed Cardi lying nude atop a sofa with nothing but her tattoos, long hair, and glass-like skin visible. She shared a teaser of the record last week, which sparked excitement among her audience.

“Me versus you and you know who they pickin’/ Cheap and expensive, you knowin’ the difference/ You know that it’s hittin’, you know what it’s givin’,” she rapped in the snippet. “Hair, nails, polar bear/ I can survive in the coldest conditions/ H**s better lower their tone when they spittin’/ B**ches is washed, soap on the dishes.”

“Miami (Enough)” will serve as a follow-up to “Like What (Freestyle),” which debuted earlier this month.


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