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Fans Applaud Beyoncé's Inclusion Of Shaboozey And Tanner Adell On 'COWBOY CARTER'

  /  03.30.2024

Friday (March 29) has become an unofficial holiday in the eyes of Beyoncé fans. With the release of her new 27-track country album, COWBOY CARTER, she has once again created a culture shift that caused conversation to ripple throughout the internet.

While fans applaud the album for its quality, one of the most talked about aspects is her inclusion of young Black country artists who are sure to benefit massively from this new platform. Both Tanner Adell and Shaboozey had been making strides within the space before COWBOY CARTER, and now, they are poised to use the boost in awareness to continue their goal of becoming two of the biggest stars in the genre.


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Shaboozey posted a lengthy Instagram caption to celebrate the new achievement, sharing his excitement for collaborating on Beyoncé‘s “SPAGHETTI” and “SWEET HONEY BUCKIN.” He said, “I am Honored to be in the company of two historically significant Black voices. Love you, Linda Martell. Love you, Beyoncé!”

In closing, he stated, “Thank you for always being the one to step up and kick in a door when others are afraid to. Texas-born and raised, you worked hard for yours. You are country. Put her in the Grand Ol’ Opry NOW! Love you! Go listen to COWBOY CARTER now! [It’s a] classic!!!”


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Many fans applauded Tanner Adell for manifesting this achievement earlier in the year. In her newest post, she stated, “I always say Beyoncé raised me. Beyoncé taught me how to be soft but strong. A force of nature. I’ve watched her be forged like metal in the fire of this industry, and she remained poised and grateful. The last two years in Nashville I have kept my head down, counted all my blessings big and small, and tried to perfect this craft of my artistry. When I saw RENAISSANCE last summer, I knew I was NOT working hard enough.”

She continued, “I was reminded again by watching the RESNAISSANCE documentary. I sat in that theatre, bawling my eyes out and saying, ‘I will work with Beyoncé in 2024.’ NO IDEA HOW I WAS GONNA DO THAT, but I felt it in my bones. Go back through every interview I have done, I get asked a million times ‘Who is your dream collab?’ and I have answered the same every time. Beyoncé. Thank you, Queen Bey, for busting these gates wide open with this album. For letting your light spill over onto MY head. I am humbled by the thought. Love you, mama.”


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Listen to the newest album from Queen Bey below.


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