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Saucy Santana Clarifies His Comments About Women Not Having The Same Strength As Men

  /  05.27.2024

When it comes to anything related to dating, gender or race, you can almost guarantee that a hot take will set social media ablaze. On Sunday (May 26) morning, Saucy Santana riled up the internet by saying women aren’t as strong as men.

“Girls don’t got the [same] strength as n**gas. They don’t. I grew up around nothing but girls. I hate when girls be like, ‘I’m a dog. I’m a man. I act just like a n**ga out here,’” Santana shared on his Instagram Stories. “No, y’all don’t, baby. Y’all [are] just soft. Y’all [act like] females. It’s the estrogen, baby. You cannot move like a n**ga. You cannot think like a n**ga. You cannot move like a man. I want y’all to stop lying to yourselves.”

The “Booty” rapper’s remarks rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, as evidenced by the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk’s repost. “Wrong or right, you are the WRONG MESSENGER,” read one response to the clip. Another user wrote, “Why is HE speaking on us.”

Santana hopped back on his Stories later that evening to clarify his previous statements. The artist opened by highlighting that no matter how he presents himself to the public, he still identifies as a man.

“When it comes to me, it’s always giving he/him. I’m a boy. I’m a man. Regardless of how much you see lashes, nails, and a pretty face, I’m a boy,” the Connecticut native explained. “I grew up around a lot of girls, and girls are soft. They can’t maneuver like n**gas because we’re really cutthroat, and y’all really not like that.”

Music-wise, Santana dropped “Standin’ On Bidness!” earlier this year. In 2023, he released “Walk It Like I Talk It” and “Meet Me in Da Skreets,” the latter of which was a diss track aimed at DJ Akademiks.


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