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Cardi B Says New Album Announcement Is "Coming Real Soon"

  /  06.16.2024

According to Cardi B, a new album is on the way. During a performance over the weekend (June 15), she asked fans if they were ready for an album announcement before stating that it was “coming real soon.”

While fans have not received a release date, talks of a new album have been heating up for the long-awaited sophomore effort. In response to the clip, one fan said, “I’ll believe it when it happens… She said it’ll be sooner than last month.” Another user claimed, “I’ve never seen someone tease teasing an album so much before.”

On Wednesday (June 12) morning, she hopped on Instagram Live and told fans to expect something on Thursday (June 13) possibly. “I want to drop something. I want to drop a little song. I want to drop something on Thursday, but [my team], they’re telling me not to drop it. Should I drop it? Should I leak it? I don’t know,” the rapper stated online.

“It’s very mean. Very, very mean,” Cardi continued. “Complex said, ‘[Drop it].’ You want me to drop it ‘cause it’s messy. Complex, you’re messy.”

This came shortly after BIA shared a diss track towards the “BONGOS” emcee. After teasing the diss on Instagram Live, BIA officially released her new track, “SUE MEEE?,” which is aimed at Cardi B. With most of the lyrics staying the same as the teased version of the track, fans have started reacting to the bars on the record.

Starting the track, BIA rapped, “I write all my verses, I can do this s**t for hours/ I be d**ned I let a n**ga f**k a b**ch inside my house/ Your money long and you split that, your n**ga’s saying ‘That’s ours’/ Put her a** in the ground ’til she had to give me my flowers/ I was up in the Bronx, and they said I’m good in the towers.”

Cardi B did not enjoy the record. After previewing it online, she took to her Instagram Live to say, “I’m so appalled at the fact that she thinks that I’m copying her or that I’m stealing from her because there’s nothing that she does that I like. I don’t like her music. I don’t like her style. I don’t like how she look. I don’t like nothing about her. I don’t even see the b**ch.”

She said they had a lengthy call that was reportedly heated and nasty toward each other.


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