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7 Iconic Singers Who Happen To Be Cancers

  /  06.24.2024

Occupying the fourth spot in the zodiac, Cancer spans from June 21 to July 22. The sign is epitomized by the crab, symbolizing the ability to navigate the emotional and physical world with a protective shell. Some hallmark traits include being deeply connected to emotion, intuition and nurturing qualities.

Particularly in music, Cancerian artists frequently draw upon their deep reservoir of feelings to craft songs that resonate on a visceral level. Take, for example, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Chlöe Bailey and Solange, who have explored themes of love, pain, joy and the complexities of interpersonal relationships for much of their careers.

It’s also worth mentioning that people born under Cancer are strongly connected to their environment, sometimes leading to mood shifts, and influenced by the waxing and waning of their celestial ruler.

Here is Rap-Up’s list of seven Cancer singers who truly live up to their zodiac sign’s key traits. Check them out below.

1. H.E.R.

Longtime H.E.R. fans will know that much of the singer-songwriter’s early career included hiding her identity so that her music could speak for itself. Releases like “Focus” and “Could’ve Been” encapsulate the emotional transparency and depth her zodiac sign is renowned for. Born on June 27, 1997, the artist has accomplished a lot since her debut — from her self-titled studio album going RIAA-certified platinum to performing at the Super Bowl alongside Usher.

“I feel everything so deeply. I’m a Cancer, so I’m very emotional. [My music is] all things I think about: All of these thoughts I pull from the deepest, darkest places, and I guess that’s why people love it so much — because they’re the things that we’re afraid to say,” H.E.R. told ELLE in 2018. 

2. Solange

Born on June 24, 1986, Solange infuses her music with the intuitive and introspective qualities that are typical of her astrological sign. The Houston native’s 2016 album, A Seat at the Table, stands as a testament to her ability to explore deep emotional and cultural landscapes through soul-stirring lyrics and nuanced soundscapes. It contains songs such as “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair,” the former of which won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance. 

Her follow-up project, 2019’s When I Get Home, similarly delved into themes of origin and belonging with an avant-garde approach to R&B. Much like several other artists on this list, Solange’s work resonates with those who share her Cancer sensitivity while pushing the boundaries of genre — evidently, it runs in the family when you look at what she and her sister, Beyoncé, have been able to accomplish.


It should come as no surprise that the person who made tracks such as “Come and See Me” and “Break from Toronto” is a Cancer. PARTYNEXTDOOR was born on July 3, 1993, and has been a mainstay in R&B since his breakthrough — despite his frequent hiatuses. Having released not one but a whopping four self-titled projects, PND taps into his sign’s characteristic emotional depth and intuition in crafting music that resonates deeply with listeners. 

In particular, his album PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO demonstrates how Cancer traits often shape his approach to songwriting and production, with vulnerability (“Thirsty”) and relational complexity (“Recognize” and “Options”) at the forefront.

4. Chlöe

As much as they resemble each other, Chlöe and Halle Bailey have made it clear they’re not twins. In fact, the “FYS” singer is two years older. Born on July 1, 1998, she exudes the emotional intensity and creativity often associated with the water sign.

Her work on Chloe x Halle’s Ungodly Hour introduced listeners to mature and in-depth artistry that aligns with her astrological traits. It included standout tracks like “Do It” and “Forgive Me,” both of which showcased her ability to combine R&B with contemporary pop elements. Stepping into a solo career, Chlöe continued to impress the masses. Her debut single, “Have Mercy,” saw the singer-songwriter tapping into the bold and assertive persona commonly tied to Cancers. 

5. Burna Boy

It’s impossible to discuss Afrobeats’ enduring influence stateside without mentioning Burna Boy. His 2019 album, African Giant, captured quintessential Cancer traits of introspection and emotional expression. He delivered powerful tales about identity, heritage and resilience with songs like “On the Low” and “Anybody.” The 19-track project solidified his standing on the global music stage while reinforcing his skill in fusing various musical traditions to articulate complex social messages.

Twice As Tall further expanded Burna Boy’s audience and earned him a Grammy for Best Global Music Album. Each track from the LP vividly painted the singer, rapper and songwriter’s journey and the universal quest for respect and recognition. The same can be said about his subsequent offerings: Love, Damini and I Told Them….

6. Jeremih

Jeremih’s debut single, “Birthday Sex,” catapulted him into the spotlight in 2009. The multi-platinum record combined sultry lyrics with silky smooth production, characteristic of his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. He repeated the success with hits like “Don’t Tell ‘Em” and the J. Cole-assisted “Planez” from his third studio album, 2015’s Late Nights: The Album.

“In my heart, I’m a lover. You know, I’m a character. As a single Cancer right now, I think I threw a lot of people off,” Jeremih shared with The FADER. Born on July 17, 1987, the Chicago crooner boasts the intuitive and emotional sensibilities associated with his sign.

7. 6LACK

Atlanta spawned a lot of talented R&B singers in the 2010s, one of which was 6LACK. The Grammy-nominated artist gained widespread attention with “PRBLMS,” followed by hits like “Ex Calling” and “Free.” All three singles appeared on his 2016 studio debut, FREE 6LACK, which explored all-too-familiar topics like love, heartbreak and personal growth with moody beats that perfectly complemented his reflective lyrics.

Born on June 24, 1992, 6LACK’s East Atlanta Love Letter further cemented his reputation as a profound storyteller. It contained “Sorry,” “Switch” and most importantly, “Pretty Little Fears” featuring J. Cole. Typical of a Cancer, 6LACK delved into intricate emotional territory for the album, touching on topics such as familial responsibilities and romantic entanglements with his signature laid-back vocal style.


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