Bobby Valentino: Only Human

In the midst of city-to-city promo for his new album, Bobby Valentino took a few minutes to “Slow Down” and talk about his Special Occasion with The R&B marvel is clearing up label rumors, turning to the rap game, revealing his turn-offs, and getting ladies of all sizes into his jeans. Bobby V. has a lot going on, and there’s nothing anonymous about how he’s getting it done.

Let’s start out with a big question. Who is Bobby Valentino?

Who am I? I’m a real R&B singer. Somebody that’s into music more than the average person knows. I love music. Music is my life and that’s all I know.

Do you feel that you’re underrated as an artist?

Definitely. But that’s a good thing.

Why do you think that?

Just when you compare my album to others. They win all the awards and get all the praise. But it’s all good though. I’ve always been the underdog, so it just pushes me to work harder.

How have you grown as an artist since your debut album and this new one, Special Occasion?

I’ve just seen so much more. I’ve learned a lot more about the business by being more hands on.

Did Ludacris have any creative influence on this new album?

No. They gave me a lot of creative control. They let me do whatever I wanted to do pretty much.

Did Shawnna really leave DTP?

I don’t know. I heard that but I haven’t heard it from her though.

Explain your title, Special Occasion. How did you come up with that name?

Because it’s my second album and it’s a special occasion for me. There are a lot of artists out there who don’t get a chance to put out two albums, so it’s my special occasion. I have a song for every occasion, whether you’re going to the club, kicking it with that special somebody or if you’re just at the crib kicking it and just listening to good old Bobby V. Special Occasion has a song for every occasion.

You say you have a song for every occasion. Let’s say that I wanted some baby making music—that soft and sexy music. What song from your album would you recommend that I listen to?

You can start the album from like number six. And you can make babies from number six to about 13.

Let’s say I’m getting ready to meet my girls at the club and I need that song to get me in the mood and help me get those tight jeans on, what song would you advise me to listen to?

That would be “Anonymous” and “Checkin’ For Me.”


Which track on your album would you say is the most personal to you? One that whenever you hear it, it just touches you.

This song called “Only Human,” which was produced by Tim & Bob. I just really feel it. The song just kind of hit me in a firm way. That song is the one that really stands out to me and really hits me hard.

You have a song on the UK version of the album called “Wreck.” Has that whole situation of being in a car and sexy things occurring actually happened to you?

With a female messing with me. Yes, definitely. That song was a real life situation.

What’s the first thing that attracts you to a lady?

Her face. Then I look at her shoes. Then I look at her booty, but her conversation can totally turn me off if it’s not right.

So what if she has a nice face, nice booty, but she has on some run down shoes? That’s not going to work?

Nope. That’s going to completely turn me off.

I know that you’re getting into women’s fashion with your own Bobby V. jeans. When can we expect to purchase a pair?

I’m still working on it, but hopefully really soon. I’m almost ready to get it out there and get it poppin’.

You being from the South, do your jeans cater to the big booty but small waisted women in the world?

They’re going to cater to women of all sizes. Women with the big booties and women with small booties. If your booty is real big, it’s going to suck it in and make it look right. If your booty is little, it’s going to accentuate what you have.

It’s rumored that you’re going to be releasing an underground love album. Is that true?

Yeah. I want to put that out. Hopefully I can put that out under my own label [that] I’m about to start up in a minute.

What’s the name of your label?

The Dream Music Group.

Do you have any artists on it now?

I have a few people that are on deck for it, but I have to figure out who I want and would want to put out first.

You have a rap freestyle to “Throw Some D’s” on your DJ Snatch-1 mixtape. How was that for you to freestyle?

I like that beat and I was just like, “Let me bust a little freestyle to that.”

Could you see yourself ever putting out a whole rap album?

No, but I would put out a couple of songs though. Did I sound good rapping?

It was very unexpected and different. Besides rapping and releasing your new album, what else is next for Bobby Valentino?

My fans can look forward to me hopping in the movies most likely next year. Look out for my Bobby V. jeans. Right now, I’m just really focused on this album and trying to hop on a tour after this album drops.

Do you have anything you want to say to all your fans?

I love all my fans. You guys make sure ya’ll support me and look out for whatever I have coming. Make sure to go out and get this album.

Bobby Valentino’s new album, Special Occasion, is out now. It features the hit single “Anonymous.” Visit Bobby’s official website here.