D. Woods: Setting the Record Straight

Jaded music fans are so used to girl groups breaking up and doing their solo thing, so when rumors started flying about D. Woods of Danity Kane flying solo—everybody wanted to know what the deal was. After putting out an album last summer that outsold OutKast’s first week efforts, Danity Kane has a lot to prove on their next album, if they even stick together to do another album. D. Woods assured Rap-Up.com that although DK’s reign isn’t over, there are some new girls on the block.

Is Danity Kane still together?

For the record, I have not left Danity Kane. I know there’s probably confusion because I started publicizing The Girls Club in a bigger way. That’s why I have my two partners here with me because we want to make sure people understand what we’re doing and what we’re all about so that the confusion can start fading away and people can expect the type of stuff that we do.

What is The Girls Club?

The Girls Club is the association of myself, SNL, Mika Means, and a lot of other female artists and writers and producers in the industry, whether it be music or film or whatever. It’s a support system, it’s a crew; it’s not a group—it’s more like an organization. The best way to explain it is Wu-Tang Clan…how you have RZA, Raekwon, Method Man, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and they had compilations and collaborations. You just had somebody who was down for them at a certain time and then they collaborated on a movie. So, that’s what The Girls Club is in a female form.

Does each of you have your own specialty?

We all kind of do it all; writing, choreography, singing, kind of rapping… All of us support each other in areas where the other may not be strongest.

A lot of people are saying that D. Woods strayed away to pursue acting. Is that true?

Well, I’ve always been an actress. If you want to go into the archives of “Making the Band” episodes, I’d say that from the very first episode that I’ve appeared on. Myself, SNL, and Mika Means, we were trained to be triple threats. I don’t know how to separate acting from singing from writing, etc. If you checked out any of the performances or even me performing with Danity Kane, I’m very much a theatrical person. I have a degree in acting. I went to Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta, which is a performing arts high school…and I went to Tisch School of the Arts, NYU division for theatre. That part of the rumor is not false because I always did acting. I did a cameo in Stomp the Yard. I had some other small commercial things before I joined Danity Kane.

Aubrey said that you haven’t answered her phone calls lately. What’s that about?

Well, Aubrey is crazy [laughs]. She’s on The Girls Club mixtape. We still have a lot of fun. You gotta really take Aubrey with a grain of salt because she’s like a big piece of fun. When she’s saying I didn’t return her phone calls, we probably missed each other’s phone calls and she was probably just thinking about that at the time. But I spoke to her the other day and we were joking around. I was like, “Girl, you didn’t put me out there like that, did you?” And she was like, “Yes!” I was like, “Alright, watch out because I got something for you!” We play practical jokes.

When was the last time you spoke to all the girls? Are you guys still close?

Well, we live in separate cities. I live in Atlanta and they live across the country in other places. I was on the phone with them the other day regarding all these rumors, but the last time we really got together on some creative stuff was when I put Dawn and Aubrey on The Girls Club mixtape. We’re gonna have it posted so the whole mixtape can be downloaded. Anyway, it was kind of my birthday party, a release party for the mixtape… My 7.7.07 extravaganza!

Are you going to have your mixtape up on your MySpace page?

Yeah, and we’re working on websites and stuff. We got a website. There’s a Girls Club MySpace page too. It’s myspace.com/thegirlsclub07.

Did you remove Danity Kane from your top 8 friends on MySpace and replace them with The Girls Club?

That’s not true. The people in my top 8 have always been there.

Do you run your own MySpace page or does someone else do it?

It’s a little bit of both.

Let’s talk about Danity Kane’s first album. Do you think it was promoted the right way?

I’m not going to comment on that.

What’s your relationship with Diddy been like recently? Has he reached out to you and the rest of the girls?

He’s a busy man. For anyone to think that any of these label executives are going to personally hold their hand and go out to lunch with them… I mean, maybe they will, but then again you can’t expect it. It’s a business and he’s our boss. And that’s it.

Dawn told Rap-Up TV that the group is considering doing another MTV reality show. Is that something that you’ve signed onto?

There have been conversations about that, but nothing confirmed yet.

For more on D. Woods, visit her on MySpace at myspace.com/yagirldwoods.