‘Making The Band 4’: Bad Boys

It’s the same formula as before: Laurie Ann Gibson’s grueling dance routines, raising $500 for the homeless, and Diddy keeping egos in check. Those egos belong to the newest members of MTV’s “Making The Band 4.” Even though this all-male cast seems to genuinely respect each other’s talents, there is still some apparent tension in the house. They have their share of problems with dirty dishes, flaring tempers, constant phone hogging, and long-distance relationships. And yes, under pressure, some of these dudes do cry. Now, a few months into taping the new season, a few of the remaining twelve say what viewers can expect this time around.

Names of the final contestants have been omitted to prevent spoiling the show.

What was the hardest part about being on camera? How many of you cried on the show?

[Half the room raises their hands.]
Contestant 1: Nah, we didn’t all cry. I ain’t cry. At first, I was jittery, having a camera in your face 24/7… Sometimes we used to say “rolling!” and run away from the cameras until the producers caught on after a while and said [mimics producers], “OK guys, that’s not cool.”

Do you think the camera made you more emotional?

Contestant 2: If anything, the cameras make you less emotional. You have to adjust. I do, however, regret getting angry.


How do you feel about Diddy?

Everyone chimes in: He keeps it real. From TV, he looks intimidating, but he is actually nicer than he seems. He took us out to some 5-star restaurant… We don’t know the name, but it was nice.

What kind of advice can you give?

Contestant 3: If someone says you can’t dance, you can’t let that break you. You just gotta improve.

What can the viewers expect this season?

Contestant 1: The viewers will be real shocked and intrigued by the talent on the show. There will be no, “Ah, they couldn’t find nobody better than that.”

“Making The Band 4” premieres Monday, June 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.