Mario: Smooth Operator

The aroma of vanilla scented candles, loud silence, and Mario’s thoughts are the only Red Bulls the 21-year-old Virgo needs before he jumps onto a stage. Moving more towards a woman’s fantasy and less a teen girl’s dream, even Mario’s choices to fill a room with candles proves his transformation from teeny bopper to manhood is oozing with sensuality.

The Baltimore native also seems to know a thing or two about romancing a lady. When Barbados-born singer Rihanna was posed as a hypothetical date for Mario, he thoughtfully shared what his perfect date would entail: a restaurant located right off the water where a West Indian theme with bungalows, trees, and tropical drinks set the mood for an evening of only the best classic, old school Caribbean music. Not too shabby for a man who is just shedding his boyish constraints.

With his third album Go, Mario readies to take his career to new heights, effortlessly. He’s also a smooth operator when it comes to love. Although he’ll be the first to admit he’s made his mistakes, Mario shares his thoughts with on the phone calls and his fix for tall women.

Which singer’s voice are you in love with right now?

Fantasia. I’ve always been in love with Beyoncé’s voice. I love Rihanna; she has a real sweet, sexy voice. Hold up, I’m not done yet. I got one more, Natasha Bedingfield. She is so dope and she’s sexy, too.

What is your recipe for a good relationship?

Expression. A lot of times, when you get comfortable with somebody, you feel like you don’t always have to tell exactly what you’re feeling, but if it’s a person you’re gonna be with at all times, you gotta express. Be silly with each other; know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If it’s a long-term thing, it’s important to be affectionate. It’s important to be independent and to show the other person that you have your own life and experiences.

Are you the clingy one in the relationship?


What is your definition of love?

Love is all things. You feel passion, you feel like it’s effortless ‘cause it’s real. Love, in general, I think is something we all should explore a lil’ more.

What about heartbreak?

Heartbreak is disappointment, disbelief, vulnerability, and time-consuming. [Laughs]

Any favorite songs on your album?

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite track, but if I had to pick, I’d say my favorite track right now would be “Crying Out For Me.” It’s like, I can feel her heart crying, I can feel real love, and I want to give it to her. It’s a lil’ more aggressive than some other songs on the album.

Is it written from personal experience?

Yes, I would probably say the only one that is more like a fantasy than a personal experience is “Let Me Watch.” I’m exploring my sexuality on this album.


Let’s say you’ve been with someone for like eight months. How many times do you call her a day?

Once a day, twice a day. If we are startin’ up, I’d call more. I’d show her that I’m interested. If she shows me in the beginning that it’s not something that is good for her, then I wouldn’t do it. But, if she’s a person who is willing to show interest as much I am, then I would call. Then if we get to a point where we’re more comfortable and we know more about each other’s schedules, then I wouldn’t call as much.

How can you tell when a relationship is serious?

There are all kinds of signs. You feel it. Ya’ll communicate with each other.

Have you been wrong before?

Of course.

What about your ideal girlfriend?

I like tall women. Like, if she was standing up, her ass would be to my stomach or right at my belt.

Like a model?

Yeah, but she doesn’t have to be a model.

Does she have to be a career girl?

My ideal girl doesn’t have to be. She has to be sweet, smart, God-fearing, and ambitious.

Mario’s third album, Go, is out now. Visit Mario’s official website at