Omarion: Melting The Ice

It’s hard to imagine that young crooner Omarion, who has been able to woo so many ladies with his top notch dance moves and sensual lyrics, is also the same Omarion who has faced heartbreak. But not one to let his broken heart continue to bother him, Omarion turned heartbreak into the chart topping “Ice Box.” With a little help from production genius Timbaland, Omarion created his most personal track to date and helped propel his sophomore album 21 to a successful debut.

As if recording and promoting an album weren’t enough for him, Omarion also recently graced the stage on the Scream Tour, started his own clothing line, and is about to appear in a video game. Having recently turned 21, the young R&B sensation shares the significance of turning 21 and what he did to celebrate his own 21st, along with commenting on what kind of girl he is looking for and his dreams of having his own amusement park.

What is the significance of turning 21 to you?

Well, it’s a milestone in everyone’s life. Anyone who is under 21 really wants to be 21 and anyone over 21 remembers what it’s like to be 21. The reason I picked that number as my album title was because it’s such a monumental age for everyone, especially for me having grown up in the business. Having started at 14 or 15 and then being considered a grown man now is a major thing. It’s something to be excited about and share with your audience along with the things you’re going through. To me it says more than just being legal or being able to go Las Vegas and shoot dice and play blackjack. It really says that you really gotta step up to the plate. Besides the age, maturity is something that comes with it and without it as well, but 21 is the perfect number.

What did you do when you turned 21?

I had a really big birthday bash—whole bunch of celebrity friends came through and I went to Vegas. It wasn’t like a day, it was a week. I gambled a little bit and had a whole bunch of fun.

How have you matured musically?

This time around I really gotta be more involved with everything. I made 12 records. Really I was able to convey what I wanted to to the people who care about me. I was able to put things from people I really look up to into my music. “Entourage” is a real old feeling type of record that comes from James Brown and Michael Jackson. This is music I kind of grew up with and really liked it. Now I’m feeling that I’m really giving the people the real me. I’m really showcasing the music I listen to and the music that I like now.

You worked with Timbaland and The Neptunes among others on this album. What producer did you click with the most?

Really I can’t say because all the producers are guys that I really had fun with. The only person I had just worked with and was really cool was Timbaland. He’s a really great guy. Timbaland helped me in a major way in the sense that “Ice Box” is probably the most personal record I’ve ever done. The album was actually done before Timbaland came and became a part of it. He just came and really moved the album. I told my boy, “If this record happens, I know it’s meant to be,” and it actually panned out that way. It was really important [and] this record is doing real well. People are calling for the record and people are really liking the record.

You’re on the Scream Tour. How is that?

I’m actually not on the tour anymore. I did go on the Scream Tour during the winter. It was really, really fun. It was myself, Ne-Yo, Yung Joc, and a whole bunch of people. Being that most of the time the Scream Tour is for youthful artists, it went in a different direction now. It was more grown up. We’ll all probably do another tour in the summertime.

There were a lot of female fans that attended the Scream Tour. What do you think is the difference between male and female fans?

I think the difference is the same difference between women and men. There’s a certain type of pride and machoness in a man. With a woman, she doesn’t really care. The difference is that sometimes guys are so macho that they don’t want to listen to R&B, and if they do, it’s not in the open. Women are more sensual and have a cooler side.

You mentioned “Ice Box” is one of your most personal records ever. Is the song based on something that really happened to you?

Yeah, it’s based off a real experience, a relationship I got out of. I’m so thankful that she helped me write this record.


What was it like reflecting on that situation?

It felt good to let go of it. It helped me understand the situation better by talking about it. A lot of people run away from that and that’s why they have an “Ice Box.” To be able to really let go of something and to really get to know how you feel about someone you have to talk about it. A lot of people are scared to talk about things after they happen. It doesn’t happen often where you feel so passionately about something that you want to write about it and sing about it for millions of people to hear.

What are the difficulties of having a relationship when you’re at the level you’re at?

It’s really hard being that you have to hope that she understands you and what you have to do. You just have to feel it in your heart and hope she does too. It’s difficult, but when you have an understanding girlfriend it’s easier.

How do you filter through the girls who are there for you versus the ones that are there for your fame?

I can filter easily and they don’t get that much of me.

What kind of girl are you looking for?

A God-fearing women who’s understanding, cool, and fun being around. I just want a woman that I want to be around. We don’t even have to go out all the time. I want a girl that’s driven, but don’t want a girl that’s so driven that her work becomes her life. I want a girl that I can have a steady relationship with. Love rules everything. God is number one in my life and then love. Having love, being loved, and showing love are all important.

What other business ventures are you getting into?

Marques Houston and I have our own production company. It’s called Rockstar Entertainment. I’ll be appearing in a video game. It’s not my own video game, but I’ll be in it. I’m a big gamer so that’s exciting. I got a clothing line coming out and it should be out around fall. It’s gonna be nice. I even have my own eyewear coming out. Just a lot of stuff.

Is there any business venture you’ve been thinking of getting into but you haven’t gotten into it yet?

I haven’t really thought about that. I don’t want to do the typical things though. I’d like to do more with video games. One of my dreams is to make an amusement park though, or a zoo.

You mentioned you’re a gamer. What kind of system do you have?

Xbox 360 still. I haven’t gotten the PS3 yet because of the price. Well, I could get one because of Sony but I really don’t want it. I just actually bought a new game for the 360 the other day. It was Lost Planet. I like Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War.

Omarion’s sophomore album, 21, is in stores now. It includes the singles “Ice Box” and “Entourage.” Visit Omarion’s official website at