Beyoncé to Lil Twist: ‘I Love Your Mohawk’

When Beyoncé pays you a compliment, you listen. Lil Twist reveals what the superstar told him when he met her and her husband Jay-Z at Rihanna’s birthday party earlier this year.

“She was like, ‘Hey, I love your Mohawk,'” the Young Money rapper told Rap-Up TV. “I’m never cutting this hair off ever again.”

He was so taken aback that he barely remembers what happened after that. “It was crazy. I can’t even tell you how the rest of the night went,” laughed Twist, who is readying the release of his debut album Don’t Get It Twisted.

When he does cut his trademark ‘hawk, he plans to send some hair to Beyoncé. “I might cut it, put it in a bag, send it to B’s office or something,” he joked.