First Look at Game’s ‘Pot of Gold’ Video

It was a family affair on set of Game’s video for “Pot of Gold.” The hip-hop superstar brought his three children with him as he went in front of the lens to shoot the visuals for the Chris Brown-assisted single from his R.E.D. Album.

Filmed at an abandoned East L.A. residence, the Bryan Barber-directed clip is a retrospective of Game’s own life growing up in Compton. In one nostalgic scene, he raps in an attic full of Tupac and Biggie posters, reminiscing on simpler days. He shows his eldest son Harlem just how far he’s come.

“The video is kinda walking back through the days when I didn’t have anything, taking my son with me and showing him how we used to live,” said the West Coast native, whose son was in disbelief when he was shown his father’s old stomping grounds.

A tatted Game later caught up with friends in the neighborhood as they lifted weights on the lawn, jumping into his hydraulic Chevy Impala with Harlem riding shotgun.

Breezy arrived later in the evening to shoot his scenes. “Chris gon’ come and he gon’ do his little Sammy Davis Jr. thing,” joked Game. brings you photos and behind-the-scenes video from the shoot.