Rap-Up TV: B.o.B Readies Third Album, Rock EP

You can’t knock the hustle. Grand Hustle’s own B.o.B has been hard at work on a series of projects including his third album, a rock EP, and the Hustle Gang compilation. Rap-Up TV caught up with Bobby Ray during a rare moment outside the studio to give us an update on his musical endeavors.

His rock EP is in the works and will reflect his diverse influences. “When I drop it, everyone’s gonna have an eargasm,” said B.o.B, who’s in no rush to release it. “It’s really how I fell in love with rock music, from indie to alternative to classic rock to even some forms of country music.”

Another project he’s excited about is the Hustle Gang compilation, which is producing explosive results. “We dropping torpedos, missiles, atomic bombs,” he said. “There’s no pressure and there’s no expectation for what it should be. It’s just a bunch of dope artists coming together and doing what we naturally do.”

But his first order of business is his third album, which is nearing completion. “This project is a lot more effortless than anything because I’ve really shown the full spectrum of what I can do musically, so now I’m just having fun with it. I’m 24 years old, so I’m partying.”