Rap-Up TV: Da Internz Talk Making of Rihanna & Chris Brown’s ‘Birthday Cake’

Rihanna caused a firestorm when she released the remix to “Birthday Cake” featuring ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Now get the recipe behind the year’s most-talked-about collaboration from hitmaking duo Da Internz.

Marcos “Kosine On Da Beat” Palacios and Ernest “Tuo” Clark didn’t have enough time to finish the original track in order to make the cutoff for Rihanna’s album Talk That Talk. So after demand from the fans, the pop star decided to record an extended version of the interlude and release it online.

In an exclusive sit-down with Rap-Up TV, the producers shared how the controversial collaboration came together, explained why they initially refuted Chris’ involvement when asked on Twitter, and brushed off the criticism.

“We delivered a damn smash,” said Tuo. “Everybody’s getting caught up in the fact that it is Rihanna, it is Chris, it’s a duet, but don’t lose sight of the fact that before Chris hits and does the extended version of ‘Birthday Cake,’ we had a minute and some change of a record that the world was saying, ‘We need this.'”