Rap-Up TV: DJ Pauly D Talks ‘Back to Love’ Video, Advice From 50 Cent

From “Jersey Shore” to G-Unit. 50 Cent has taken DJ Pauly D under his wing, signing him to his G-Note record label. Rap-Up TV caught up with the MTV reality star on set of the video for his debut single “Back to Love” featuring Jay Sean.

“Working with 50 and being signed to G-Note is one of the most amazing things that ever happened in my life,” said Pauly. “50’s a great guy, very hands-on in everything that he does. He’s very smart.”

The hip-hop mogul also shared some valuable advice with Pauly. “50 told me when you sign that record deal, that’s when you start to work. That’s when the work begins. It’s almost like kindergarten all over again.”

Being signed to 50 has its perks. Pauly has been one of the first to hear some of his boss’ upcoming album Immortal. “I heard a lot of 50’s new stuff and it’s bangin’! You’re gonna like it.”

50’s not the only rapper Pauly hopes to collaborate with. He also revealed his wish list, which includes Drake and Lil Wayne.